Saturday, 17 September 2011

More Knitting Projects

Lately I've had quite a bit of time to get some knitting project started and even some finished. My current 'Me' project is Knitty's Leaflet in James Brett Marble Chunky, which actually ended up knitting to tension, which is great because I have enough balls of this yarn to make it long sleeved for the winter.

I cast on at the start of this week and despite some initial worries about the pattern chart, as I'm pretty new to charted patterns, I've managed to get to the sleeve and body divider part. I like the fact that as this is top down there'll be no major seaming and weaving in.

Also I've had a go at knitting some dish-cloths with a pattern taken from The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jane Brocket. After seeing the pattern in the book I remembered I had some bright Rowan cotton yarn leftovers from one of my first projects from about 5 years ago and my local yarn shop had Stylecraft Craft cotton available- I managed to get 3 cloths out of one 100g ball, which was perfect for my 3 colours.

The only adaptation I made to the pattern was that I knit one row in colour after cast on, before starting on the cloth middle and then did the same before cast off.
Dad's new joke to the many relatives who have been visiting lately is that 'this is what you'll be getting for Christmas this year', so maybe I'll just end up knitting him one giant one this year as his present.

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Bee happy said...

Your knitting is so gorgeous, love the colours you are using :) thanks for the info on laptops, am going shopping this afternoon

Bee happy x
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