Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Out with the Old and in with the Vintage

I'm incredibly interested in knitting and have a pretty awful habit of hoarding interesting patterns and magazines which I may or may not end up actually using in the future. One of the best collections I have is one mum found for me when she was on holiday. It's an almost complete book of womens knitting patterns from various eras and brands, obviously collected by one woman and stored in an old fashioned pattern book.
I've scanned a few to share- most are incredibly stylishly vintage:

Look at those waists! Unbelievable! Theres one or two where the photographer has looked at the garment and then run with the colour theme:
Lovely jumper, but too much green! And then there's some where men are used as props (along with fake foliage):

Not sure if I'd accept a drink off a man who leered like that! There's a whole 'genre' of mother/daughter/family unit matching knits that I'll have to scan at some point as there's some wonderfully awful head gear.

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