Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hello Again!

I'm pretty bad at this whole 'updating on a regular basis' thing, mainly because I'm lazy at scanning things, although I do have a whole load of things I want to share, so maybe over the Christmas Holidays I'll get around to it!
I'm posting this picture pretty much safe in the knowledge that although my Grandad has the internet, he doesn't know I have a blog, so if you're a cousin who stumbles across this- don't tell him!

This was comissioned by my Grandma for Grandad's Christmas present, based on a railway poster of Broadstairs I cut it all from paper (apart from the really small bits like people and fences- if I could cut that small I'd be rich and famous in the land of small bits of paper!). It's originally a little smaller than A4 size so it was quite fiddly, but I'm pretty pleased with it on the whole!

If you can't try something new for Christmas and up against a tight deadline, when can you try it!?

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Jenny Robins said...

so lovely! you should do this as a print.